Жидкий экстракт дерева Ша-де-Бурж 1 fl oz (30 mL) Флакон с Пипеткой

Жидкий экстракт дерева Ша-де-Бурж, 1 fl oz (30 mL) Флакон с Пипеткой

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Ингридиенты: 100 % Cha de Burge (Coria salicifolia), distilled water and grain alcohol (35-45%) Organic Ingredients
Указания: As a restorative tonic use 10 to 15 drops once or twice a day in a little water.
ВНИМАНИЕ:: Information provided on this label should not be used as medical advice. Be sure to test a small amount for possible allergic reactions. Use under the supervision of a licensed health care practitioner. Not intended for long-term use. Not intended for pregnant or nursing women.